Why koko b?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine. When it was time to choose a college & major, The Fashion Institute of Technology was at the top of my list. Everyone needs a back up plan though, right? So I looked into other schools with fashion programs, I even looked at schools with great business programs. Business was my second option.. If I couldn’t study fashion – I was going to study business, so eventually I could open and own my very own boutique! As the summer of 2008 was nearing the end, I WAS ACCEPTED TO FIT & quickly planned my move to NYC! I studied fashion merchandising, and graduated (at Radio City Music Hall!) Fast-forward beyond the many curve balls life threw my way – it’s finally time to make that boutique dream come true. But, my boutique had to have the perfect name. It encompasses the most meaningful parts of my life – my name that was chosen by my dad, my dog coco & my love for fashion. I am beyond excited to introduce my very own boutique, koko b.